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The Movie - Man Alone (1923)

I enjoyed Man Alone movie

Movie Premier in 1923.


Ellen, a prosperous childish female, go to the mountain inside favour of a chill out and meet Ben Dixon, possessor of a gold bars mine. They crash in adulation and tactic to marry, but when Ben visit her family section and doesn't come upon their standards of behavior, Ellen call foul the honeymoon. He hire a son name George to school him manners and pinch home him adequate to Ellen and her stuck-up family, but Ellen in two shakes of a lamb`s tail falls in love near George. Meanwhile, a avid stockbroker make strategy to draw from his hand by the in its side of Ben's gold mine.
Color Info: Black and White
Countries: USA
Genres: Drama
Languages: English
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:, RAT:1.33 : 1, PFM:35 mm, PCS:Spherical, OFM:35 mm
Release Dates: USA:1 February 1923

In movie played:

George Barnum (actor)
Death Notes: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
In his 50 year career he performed with many of the top actors and actresses of his time., A native of New Jersey, he was 84 when he passed away., His wife Tillie passed away in 1912 while touring Canada as a cast member of the play "Pomander Walk".
Death Date: 30 March 1937

Hobart Bosworth (actor)
Formed Bosworth Film Company approximately 1913., Son George Hobart Bosworth, 27 December 1918., Grew frustrated with the hot conditions while filming the ice-bound scenes in _Dirigible (1931)_ (qv) and stuck a piece of dry ice in his mouth. Bosworth screamed in agony and lost several teeth and part of his jaw as a result.
Nick Names: Violets
Death Notes: Glendale, California, USA (pneumonia)
Hobart Bosworth--pioneering pictures superintendent, contributor, creator and actor--was born Hobart Van Zandt Bosworth by the line-up of August 11, 1867, contained by Marietta, OH. He be a funnel descendant of Miles Standish and John and Priscilla Alden on his father's side and of New York's Van Zandt family element, the best prehistoric Dutch settler to estate in the New World, on his mother's side. Bosworth was always conceited of his derivation. After his mother die his father remarried and the young-looking Hobart take a disgust to his stepmother. Convinced that he was "ill nearly new and heartlessly treat," in place of he tell an interviewer in 1914, he exercise towards the open-air sett all for to New York City. He sign on as a breathing scope home boy on the clipper cutter "Sovereign of the Seas" and was immediately out at ocean. After his first voyage, a five-month affair that took him from New York to San Francisco, he spent his wages on candy. Sleeping it stale on a stall in the park in subsidise of Trinity Church, the young boy apply not know that the organ music he was listen to as he doze was personal play by the finish of his greatly related uncle. A Captain Roberts, who found stevedore toil for the lad, told him of his uncle's attendance in San Francisco. He harsh as a sailor, as the sea was in his family's blood, at the end of the day outflow three years at sea. "All my general city be of the sea and my father was a naval officer," he told an interviewer. He spent 11 months on an appealing whaler ply the Arctic hinterland, after was employed doing odd job in San Francisco. After turn as a semi-professional boxer and wrestler, Bosworth try ranching in Southern California and Mexico, where on earth he intellectual to become an qualified horseman. Finally, his a waiflike something in art lead him to the raised area. Thinking he'd resembling to become a countryside painter, a companion suggested that Bosworth work as a stage boss to elevate the funds to scrutiny art. Acting on his friend's air, Bosworth obtain a work next to McKee Rankin as a stage manager at the California Theatre in San Francisco. With the money he made, he undertake the study of sculpture. Eventually he was pithy of into dues as an actress with a slender level with three lines. Though he botched the lines, he was given other small role. Bosworth was 18 years antediluvian and on the cusp of a colloquial life in the theater. He signed on with Louis Morrison to be part of a lane business for a season as both an actor and as Morrison's dresser, playing 'William Shakespeare (I)' (qv)'s "Cymbeline" and "Measure for Measure" (during his instance with the company, Hobarth and another writer write a journal of "Faust" that Morrison used for 20 years in repertory). By 1887 he was acting at the Alcazar Theatre in San Francisco, and become proficient ample on stage to tender Shakespearean recital in costume the subsequent year. He clasp acted almost all of the foremost characters in the Shakespearean canon by the time he was 21 years old, on the other hand he admit that he was the worst Macbeth ever. Bosworth eventually misguided conscious in Park City, UT, where he was inhibited to work in a mine, pushing an ore hgv orderly to raise money. He escaped the pits to pleasure voyage with juggler Hermann the Great as the conjurer's pa for a tour through Mexico. For the first time in eleven years, the 21-year-old Bosworth meet his father. Hobarth recall, "[H]e look at me and said 'Hum! I couldn't lick you in a minute, son.'" They never met again. Bosworth arrived back in New York in December 1888, and was hired by Augustin Daly to harvest Charles the Wrestler in "As You Like It." He did by this means ably in the role that Daly kept him on. Bosworth remain with Daly's company for 10 years, where he played principally lesser parts. Seven times while he was with the company it made foreign tour, playing in Berlin, Cologne, London, Paris and other European capital. Eventually, being kept in small parts eroded his belief, and Bosworth disappeared Daly to prophecy on with 'Julia Marlowe' (qv), who pigeonhole him in lead in Shakespearean drama. Just as Bosworth wooded area fire able to love stage stardom in New York, he was strike lint with tuberculosis, a very momentous ailment in the 19th century. Bosworth was forced to pass by by the stage, as he was banned to toil indoors. Though he made a swift rescue, he return to the stage as well like a shot and suffer a go back to your old ways. For the rest of his exploitable life he had to symmetry his acting with period of rest so as to hold his T.B. lower than authority. Bosworth re-established himself as a synchronize actor on the New York stage, appear different the famous actress 'Minnie Maddern Fiske' (qv) (Mary Augusta Davey) in the 1903 Boradway renewal of 'Henrik Ibsen' (qv)'s "Hedda Gabler." He also appear that year on the Great White Way as the lead in "Marta of the Lowlands," which was produced by 'Harrison Grey Fiske' (qv), Mrs. Fiske's husband. The role propel him to Broadway stardom. However, he was forced again to give up the stage when he gone astray 70 pound in ten weeks. Moving to Tempe, AZ, to partake of the salubrious requisites enhanced his possibility of battle T.B., and eventually he get the bug disciplined. While he was not in genuineness an invalid, he was forced to in execution like one and loiter in a melt climate lest he suffer a relapse. The T.B. rob him of his voice, but since he was no longer on stage, it didn't class. There was a untried environment for actor: motion pictures. Bosworth moved to San Diego, which had a reputation of have the most unfaultable climate in the continental United States, and in 1908 was contracted to breed a motion copy by the Selig Polyscope Co. Shooting was to be down in the outdoors, and he did not ought use his voice, which was in a impoverished trend. The layout was perfect for him. "I fleck, after all, that it be the motion pictures that have save my life," he recount less important digit than a decade subsequent. "How could I have lived on and on, in need being competent to collapse any of my cherished ambitions? What would my life have expected? Here, in pictures, I am realize my biggest hope." Signing with Selig, Bosworth eventually spearhead the movie company's alter to Los Angeles. He is widely qualified with being the name of the first movie made on the West Coast. Due to his role in pioneering California for the film industry, Bosworth habitually was referred to as the "Dean of Hollywood." He wrote the scenario for the second and third pictures he acted in, and directed the third. According to his fussy reckon, he eventually wrote 112 scenarios and produced 84 pictures for Selig. Bosworth was attracted to 'Jack London (I)' (qv)'s work in the red to his outside film perceive and the requirements of his condition, which obviated acting in studios. "In all my reading I have never come across advanced objects for motion picture plays than Jack London's history, and I optimism to progress authority through the complete group." In 1913 he formed his own company, Hobart Bosworth Productions Co., to emanate a sequence of Jack London melodramas. He produced, directed and starred in the company's first picture, playing Wolf Larsen in _The Sea Wolf (1913)_ (qv), with London himself appearing as a sailor. The movie was released in the U.S. by W.W. Hodkinson Corp. 'D.W. Griffith' (qv) also released a Jack London picture nearer that year, _Two Men of the Desert (1913)_ (qv), but Bosworth follow up "The Sea Wolf" with _The Chechako (1914)_ (qv), with 'Jack Conway (I)' (qv) playing the lead as Smoke Bellew, the label traits of the eponymous London new-fangled the movie is base on. "The Chechako" and one of the subsequent Boswoth-London pictures were distributed through Paramount, the release arm of Famous Players-Lasky. Conway also starred in the Bosworth-directed continuation _The Valley of the Moon (1914)_ (qv), in which Bosworth had a political role. He also appeared as an actor in _John Barleycorn (1914)_ (qv), which he co-directed with 'J. Charles Haydon' (qv). He produced, directed, wrote and acted in _Martin Eden (1914)_ (qv) and _An Odyssey of the North (1914)_ (qv), playing the lead in the latter, which was released by Paramount. He done up the series by produce, direct and playing the lead in the two-part "Burning Daylight" series: _Burning Daylight: The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Alaska (1914)_ (qv) and _Burning Daylight: The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Civilization (1914)_ (qv), both of which were released by Paramount. Bosworth curved up with the Oliver Morosco Photoplay Co., making its Los Angeles facility on North Occidental Boulevard his headquarters. Subsequently Bosworth Inc. and Oliver Morosco Photoplay were rapt by Paramount in 1916. Between 1913 and 1921 Hobart Bosworth Productions produced a full of 31 pictures, most of which starred Bosworth. The company cease operation after producing _The Sea Lion (1921)_ (qv). The alliance with Paramount concluded the interval in Bosworth's fruitful life where he was a through pull somebody`s arm in the motion picture industry, which was undergo change as the industry matured and become settled. He directed his later picture even in times gone by the merger, _The White Scar (1915)_ (qv), which he also wrote and starred in for Universal Film Manufacturing Co. After his own production company wound up, Hobart Bosworth began playing supporting roles as an actor. He not linked his first wife, Adele Farrington, in 1919, the year after their son George was born. He survive the transition to racket. Aside from appearing in Warner Bros.' showcase film _The Show of Shows (1929)_ (qv), his chitchat picture debut proper was in the short field _A Man of Peace (1928)_ (qv) for Vitaphone, while his first sound vertebrae was Vitaphone's Ruritania the show business _General Crack (1930)_ (qv), starring 'John Barrymore (I)' (qv). Though he appeared in small roles in A-list films, with some classic, Bosworth first and foremost made his breathing as a prominently billed character actor in "B" westerns and serials churn out by Poverty Row studios. In his roles in A and B pictures, he as established was label as a big-hearted kind, such as dads, clergymen, temperance lords, governors and the like, though occasionally he got to play a starchy. His most captivating roles built-in playing 'John Gilbert (I)' (qv)'s father in both 'King Vidor' (qv)'s classic _The Big Parade (1925)_ (qv) and 'Clarence Brown (I)' (qv)'s _A Woman of Affairs (1928)_ (qv), and 'Conrad Nagel' (qv)'s father in _Du Barry, Woman of Passion (1930)_ (qv). He also appeared in the 'Al Jolson' (qv) vehicle _Mammy (1930)_ (qv), directed by 'Michael Curtiz' (qv), and in the Little Rascals' lone feature film, _General Spanky (1936)_ (qv) (a flop). In accessory to Vidor, Brown and Curtiz, Bosworth work with other excellent director, including 'Ernst Lubitsch' (qv) (in stand by of John Barrymore in _Eternal Love (1929)_ (qv)), D.W. Griffith (playing Gen. Robert E. Lee in _Abraham Lincoln (1930)_ (qv)), 'Frank Capra' (in _Dirigible (1931)_ (qv)) and _Lady for a Day (1933)_ (qv)) and 'John Ford (I)' (qv) (headlining _Hearts of Oak (1924)_ (qv), starring in _Hangman's House (1928)_ (qv) and playing the Chaplain in support of 'Will Rogers (I)' (qv) in _Steamboat Round the Bend (1935)_ (qv)). Bosworth had a feature role in the impulsive science-fiction movie _Just Imagine (1930)_ (qv) and played Chingachgook in support of star 'Harry Carey' (qv)'s Hawkeye in Mascot Pictures' serial _The Last of the Mohicans (1932)_ (qv). As the sound epoch wear on, he was reduced to glob parts, time and again uncredited, in such A-pictures as the 'W.C. Fields' (qv) wit _Million Dollar Legs (1932)_ (qv) and the 'Errol Flynn (I)' (qv) western _They Died with Their Boots On (1941)_ (qv). He kept working until the year before his annihilation, appearing in six films in 1942, including an uncredited bit role as a clergyman in support of 'Barbara Stanwyck' (qv) in _The Gay Sisters (1942)_ (qv), his penultimate picture. His last film was Universal Pictures' western _Sin Town (1942)_ (qv), starring 'Constance Bennett (I)' (qv) and 'Broderick Crawford (I)' (qv), which was advertise with the intriguing tagline "The Glory Hole of the Booming Oil Towns!" Altogether, Hobarth Bosworth acted in complete 250 cinema from 1908 to 1942, directed 44 particular pictures from 1911 to 1915, and wrote 27 & produced 11 known pictures from 1911 to 1921. His actual count feasibly will be hundreds more. Hobart Bosworth, the "Dean of Hollywood," died on December 30, 1943 of pneumonia in Glendale, CA. He was 76 years old. He was survived by his second wife, Cecile, and his son George.
Height: 6'
Birth Notes: Marietta, Ohio, USA
Other Works: Stage actor, film producer, director, and screenwriter.
Birth Name: Bosworth, Hobart Van Zandt
Spouse: 'Adele Farrington' (qv) (? - 1919) (divorced)

William Conklin (actor)

James Hall (actor)

Louis Morrison (actor)

Freeman Wood (actor)

Ina Burns (actress)

Pauline French (actress)

Jamie Gray (actress)

Morris R. Schlank (producer)

Clarence G. Badger (writer)

J.O. Taylor (cinematographer)

William H. Clifford (director)

Mack Stengler (editor)

Morris R. Schlank (miscellaneous crew)


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The Movie - Bekaya azraa

People recommend Bekaya azraa movie (The Remains of a Virgin).

Movie Issued - in 1962.

Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Egypt
Languages: Arabic

In movie played:

Houssam El-Din Mustafa (director)
Death Notes:Cairo, Egypt (stroke)
Birth Notes:Egypt
Death Date:22 February 2000
Spouse:'Nadia ?' (? - 22 February 2000) (his death)
Birth Date:5 May 1926